reckon i've been writin' and recordin' since i rented my first analog 4-track over 20 years ago. my writin' has got a bunch better, my recording techniques have improved a wee bit and i'm recordin' to 8-track digital these days.

i'm currently in a music outfit called the holy fathers ( and have ideas that work in multiple formats or don't quite fit within the band context. this is that...

so little time...

January 28th, 2007 + 1:01 PM  ·  syntax

and so much to record. between work and the family leaves me little time to get new stuff down. still getting out once/twice a week to practice with the band though. we got a new bass player and she really adds a new element of musicianship to the band. would really like to get into a real studio this year (i say this every year), both with the band and with some of my solo acoustic stuff, now, where to get the money...

I Told You So

January 27th, 2007 + 4:01 PM  ·  syntax

demo version of something i'd like to go into the studio with someday... would really like to drop in some piano on this one.

lyrics :
mama never loved me like citizen cane
and daddy didn't care for my piercings and pain
so i  wandered the railroads and followed the moon
your hand is a beacon that i won't see soon

nodding on poetry, cooked in my lies
bum another cigarette look straight in my eyes
there's a dirty little secret that i called my soul
then we got together and i told you sooooooo

if the drink is a river then i'm in the weeds
i'll pull down your bottom like a heroes great deed
i'm drunker than jesus and all full of hate
i'll kick up a bar brawl with bikers and fates

drowning in whiskey, soaked in my lies
pour another shot and look straight in my eyes
there's a nasty little secret that i called my soul
then we got together and i let you know

when i find a higher power
i'll start all over again

My Only Son

May 2nd, 2006 + 6:05 PM  ·  syntax

first in a series of songs inspired by the birth of my son... he just turned 2, so it's almost that old. and, just to keep it organic, i threw in a couple chair squeaks for you.


deep down inside
down in the well
beyond where they cry
that's where you came
beside you i stand
i'll take your hand
i'll guide you there
then i'll let you go
you're gonna fall my only son
you're gonna fall just like me
you're gonna fall my only son
you're gonna fall just like me
you're wednesday's child
goose cedes you woe
sunday's a hill
so up you go
and so you're born into this world
find some comfort in the girl
try and love another man
just help out where you can

you're gonna fall just like me
you're gonna fall my only son
you're gonna fall just like me
you're gonna fall my only son

Holy F**k

February 27th, 2006 + 12:02 PM  ·  syntax

professionally recorded with my old band Dead City Radio. best quality recording i've ever been involved with. this is a band i was a part of when i was young and angry, we drifted apart around '97 so the recording is somewhat dated. have loads more with this band but thought i would upload it for some context. i wrote, "sang" and played guitar on this song... wasn't sure if the title would offend some of the delicates but i think you can figure what the printed title on the CD was.


February 23rd, 2006 + 11:02 AM  ·  syntax

kinda a throw away. something i've had rattling around in my head for a while so recorded it quickly and threw down some improv guitar lines. my band mate says he'd like to put some lyrics over it but i think it does ok as an instrumental?

full title is 'Emo Boy Surfing On An Ocean Of Tears'

Radio Song

February 21st, 2006 + 5:02 PM  ·  syntax

this is due for a re-record, will be programming out the drum patterns rather than the monotonous loop i have in there now. not sure about the arrangement though? think it might be a tad too long but don't what i would cut out of the song?

This song's for the radio
This song's for my baby's smile
This song's for the young and old
This song's with you for a while

C'mon and bang a gong, this one's a sing along
full of love that's strong, this one's a play along

This song's for radio
This song's for my Irish wake
This song's full of blues and gold
This song's for our goodness sake

Play it when i'm dead and gone,  this one's a sing along
So won't you sing along, you can't get it wrong

This song's for radio
This song cares about your town
This song's drunk on wine and hope
This song's here when you feel down

Return, Amen.....

old ibanez sabre guitar
yamaha bass
crappity old yamaha drum machine
tascam dp01-fx digital 8-track
apex 460 microphone
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